Should we be unsuccessful in our bid to give one of these guys a home all money will be used, as always, for improvements in UTG, events and other expenses as agreed by the FOUTG committee. 

More details on the Wild Dolphin Auction can be found by clicking here



Fifty "wild dolphins" have been hiding in Aberdeen for the last few months as part of collaboration between The Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital's ARCHIE Foundation, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) and the public art company Wild in Art. All the dolphins are now exhibited at their farewell event at Marischal College and can be seen this weekend 5th-7th of September. 

The Dolphins caused quite a stir in Aberdeen and are to be auctioned to raise money for these two charities and Friends of Union Terrace Gardens would love the opportunity re-home one permanently in the park. They are expected to make around £2000 each so we will need all of you to help if this is to be a reality! The public auction takes place on September 10th 2014 in The Music Hall, Aberdeen. 


The Friends of Union Terrace Gardens are campaigning...

  • To continue to prevent large scale development in Union Terrace Gardens
  • To raise funds for events and facilities in the park.
  • For improvements in UTG such as proper disabled access and toilets.
  • For enhancements to the gardens such as the return of the draughts sets and summer entertainment
  • Work alongside environmental and wildlife bodies to help maximize the use of the park for urban wildlife.
  • Working with a wide variety of groups and organisations to improve the gardens and increase usage. We have held many events, in all seasons. These have included carol singing in the winter, The Big Picnic (2010, 2011) in the summer and a night time candles and acoustic event.


Union Terrace Gardens is a wonderful and unique, Victorian city center park that is under threat of destruction to make way for a new city public area that will be a mix between "an Italian piazza and Central Park"...

Aberdeen City Council and an un-elected quango, ACSEF, want to pass ownership of the gardens to a private company and replace them with a large concrete structure. 

ACSEF alone has cost over half a million pounds of public money so far, despite claiming to be funded by both the public and private sector.

The people of Aberdeen voted against the City Square Project 55% to 45%, despite many claims that the voting process was seriously flawed with answers defaulting to yes when voters and clearly commented "no" to the project. Despite this a much larger percentage of citizens voted than in other major consultations (the Edinburgh Trams for example), but Aberdeen City Council have decided to push forward with the destruction of the Gardens regardless.

This website is a place for all those interested in the campaign to get involved and help save this precious park.