Union Terrace Gardens form the core of the Denburn/Golden Square portion of the Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan and Delivery Framework. The Council is consulting on this from 14th to 27th March 2015. From information available so far, there appear to be proposals that we very much welcome, for example, the proposed bridge over the railway from Belmont street into the Gardens, and the creative use of the arches. However the drawings also seem to indicate a plan to remove some much loved elements such as the Bon Accord crest, formal bedding and the original Victorian Steps that form the centre of the classic Education, Salvation & Damnation view of Aberdeen across the Gardens. We have been notified of the various sessions for consulting on the delivery and strategy of the new City Centre Master Plan which is being developed. We would urge as many of you as possible to attend at least one of the consultation sessions, to see and comment in writing on the proposed plan – particularly for the HMT end of the Gardens. It is very important that those who are passionate about UTG make their feelings regards any proposed changes to the park known. If you would like to see the full council press release please click here