FOI regarding other projects planned for use of the money granted to Peacock Visual Arts for their new centre in UTG. 

Peacock Visual Arts had received planning permission for this and had secured a large part of their funding.

Their plans were abandoned once Aberdeen City Council decided to move forward with the City Garden Project. 

Over £1 million was granted by Scottish Enterprise to help PVA fund this scheme.

It was "assumed" by Aberdeen City Council members that this money had been returned once the art centre bid had collapsed. However, almost a year later it transpired that some members of the council had "misled" the larger proportion and the money still remained in the pot and could be spent on any art project in the city. At this point the council had about 3 weeks left to put the money to good use. Predictably the time passed and the money was returned to Scottish Enterprise, unspent in the city of Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen City council claimed they had put forward many suggestions for use of the money and all had been refused by Scottish Enterprise, they were not however prepared to state what these suggestions were.

An FOI request was submitted by FoUTG member Vicky Briggs asking specifically what other projects ACC had put forward for use of the money. The response took many months and amounted to a few scribbled plans. They included moving central library to another city centre location, possibly a retail park. The document also shed light on the terrible state of repair of the Art Gallery. 


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