I am passionate about saving and preserving Union Terrace Gardens for my children and theirs too.   I have played an active part in the Friends over the last 12 months, organising various fundraising and membership events, attending demos and leafleting the public.  I wrote to all Community Councils in Aberdeen requesting an opportunity for FoUTG to present their case, and co-delivered many of the subsequent presentations alongside fellow Committee Members.

 I wish to apply for the Treasurer's position on the FoUTG Management Committee.  As I run my own business and prepare my own accounts I believe that I can bring new skills to the Treasurer's role, especially in the area of electronic preparation of our Financial Statements and enhanced reporting and projections.  This approach will help us focus our expenditure in the right way and ultimately save the Friends money.


I would like to be re-elected for the committee as I am still very passionate about saving Union Terrace Gardens and being involved in its restoration. I was a founding member of the committee and have been part of the movement to save the gardens from the early days. I have been the membership secretary for the past year and am happy to continue in this role. I am also currently responsible for the website, facebook page and work alongside other committee members who are responsible for the merchandise.


This is a crucial year for Union Terrace Gardens and much work has to be done and I feel that it is imperative we retain as many serving members as the committee as possible and I would dearly like to be part of that committee for another year. 



 I care passionately about Aberdeen's heritage, a city where the buildings give you such a strong sense of place and belonging. Union Terrace Gardens is an integral part of our heritage, planned by Alexander Marshall Mackenzie, who also designed most of the surrounding buildings including the Art Gallery.

 I helped to organise the successful defence of the gardens in the early 1980's when there was a plan to replace them with a multi-storey car park. Last year, when the council voted to progress Sir Ian Wood's plans, I also helped to form the current group and was picked as the Chairman. I am determined that the gardens will not be destroyed and will oppose the city square plan to my utmost.  I do not want to see my home city ruined.


I would like to continue to be a part of the committee as I am passionate and committed to saving the gardens and working to restore them.  My personal involvement started as I feel genuine outrage towards the council's double standards.  As a listed building owner, it infuriates me that I have to adhere to rules and regulations set by the council but they will allow the destruction of Union Terrace Gardens which houses structures of the same listed category as my home.  I think we have a beautiful city which desperately needs some tender loving care and I feel allowing the destruction of the much loved city centre green space will be followed by the destruction of more of Aberdeen's heritage. 

I was a founding member of the committee and have been involved in promoting FoUTG through facebook, merchandise and events.  I hope to continue to work with genuine people who have the same goal.


 Born in Aberdeen 1950.   Attended Ashley Road School and Aberdeen Grammar School.   Graduated University of Aberdeen M.A. Hons in Economics 1972, then did PGCE at Aberdeen College of Education.   Worked as Teacher, mainly of Economics & Business Studies, from 1973-2010; in England (Liverpool, then Cambridgeshire) from 1974-94.


Since returning to Aberdeen in 1995, I have been much involved with Aberdeen Writers' Circle, the Lemon Tree Writers, the Ferryhill Heritage Society, Aberdeen Civic Society, the Friends of Union Terrace Gardens and with Aberdeen Voice, the on-line weekly newspaper.


I joined the FoUTG Committee as the representative of Aberdeen Civic Society at the inaugural AGM in September 2010, and have attended committee meetings regularly since.   My main concerns as a Friend are in relation to the impending transfer of a swathe of civic assets into private ownership and control, the prospective destruction of a unique Victorian city-centre public park, and the serious possibility that the city's debt burden will expand from the present £562 million to a full £1 billion, plus interest.


Union Terrace Gardens are a wonderful resource for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and I have been closely following the developments, helping found Friends of Union Terrace Gardens.  For the past year, I have been a (fairly) silent friend as I have been studying for a Masters degree in Urban Planning.  Hopefully I can bring some of my new knowledge and my continuing passion to the campaign.


I love Union Terrace Gardens – it is the green heart of Aberdeen - that any city could contemplate destroying a place like UTG is beyond belief.  I work on Union Terrace and consider myself lucky to have the gardens right outside the office which lets me use them regularly.  I am passionate about the wildlife, history and architecture of the gardens and how they relate to the story of the city as a whole.  My background is in scientific R&D and I’ve tried to use my skills to help FoUTG by collecting information and looking for facts that the CitySquare team don’t want the public to find out about. I’ve been on the FoUTG committee in 2010/11 and will be honoured to serve again, if elected, and promise that I’ll do everything that I can to ensure that Union Terrace Gardens remains for future. generations to enjoy.


I'd like to put myself forward as a committee member.

I am Press Officer of the Aberdeen City Youth Council and as such have good relationships with ACC, as we are the respected body for young people's opinions in the city. By joining the committee I would bring the full Youth Council's backing as we are very much against any plans to redevelop the Gardens. I sit on the Aberdeen Civic Forum which is the main community input for community planning. 

I have been involved in the FoUTG campaign for over a year now and recognise the issues we face and how the committee can move forward. I am also currently at school at one of the secondary schools that are to be involved in any future consultation which means that I can represent the group there too.